"One thing I liked about camp was definitely the people and the lectures, because I had a hard time figuring fractions in the classes that I've been in, like in the sixth grade, but this camp really helped me out with that. And I also liked hanging out with the people."

"I loved camp! I loved that we learned Calculus. I also loved the college experience. I really loved camp, and I will definitely be looking forward to next year. I can't wait - it's sad that we're leaving now!"

"This was a wonderful opportunity for my daughter. She felt like a real college student. She is usually an introvert, but everyday she came home with stories of different interactions with other students. She is looking forward to next year."

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Think, the online magazine for Case Western Reserve University, published an article featuring The Math Movement. Shout out to Sam and Lucy!

Episode 3 of The Boston Fed's podcast Six Hundred Atlantic featured The Math Movement's Director Dionissi Aliprantis as well as The Algebra Project's Director Ben Moynihan.

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