Ashley Orr

Ashley Orr   ·   Ashley is currently studying for her PhD in Public Policy and Management at Carnegie Mellon University. A Rhodes Scholar who cares deeply about the world, Ashley is a first generation college graduate who enjoys sharing her passion for math and learning.

Edward Smith

Edward Smith, PhD   ·   Edward is a thought leader in economic development policy, previously serving as the Chief Opportunity Zones Officer for the City of Atlanta’s Economic Development Authority (Invest Atlanta). Ed currently serves as President of Boost Analytics, where he works to revitalize communities through public/private partnerships, the attraction of social impact investment, and the implementation of programs to support small business owners and entrepreneurs. Ed also serves as a visiting assistant professor in the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University.

Kenneth Suratt

Kenneth Surratt, MBA   ·   Ken works as VP of Community Investment at United Way Greater Cleveland. Ken previously served in Community Development at the Cleveland Fed and as deputy director of housing and community development for Cuyahoga County. He has extensive experience with education initiatives, serving as the CFO of Breakthrough Schools, a network of high-performing charter schools in Cleveland, Ohio. He also worked with KIPP Charter Schools and served as the assistant director of Stanford's Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO), which supports school and program evaluations.

Neil Van Dine

K. Neil Van Dine, PhD   ·   Neil is the Co-Founder of Haiti Outreach, Inc., a non-profit organization based in Pignon, Haiti. Living in rural Haiti since 1989, he has dedicated 30 years to advancing the development of the country. As a Rotarian and board member of Rotary International's Water and Sanitation Rotary Action Group (WASRAG), he is building a set of data driven decision making and work tracking tools for Rotary WASH initiatives worldwide.

Me'lani Labat Joseph

Me'lani Labat Joseph, M.P.P.   ·   Me'lani is the Founder of Transformative Innovations, which provides strategic thinking and technical assistance to organizations and institutions on ways to maximize outcomes for youth and communities, with a special focus on promoting equity in STEM. She has over 27 years of experience in community and youth development and programming; specifically designing, developing and implementing preK-12th grade STEM outreach programs, with a special focus on serving underrepresented minority students. Me'lani is passionate about promoting the educational, social and emotional development of students of color.

Paul Park

Paul Park, MD, MSc   ·   Paul is the Senior Director of Programs at Solid Ground, a social service non-profit that focuses on addressing the social determinants of health for marginalized communities. Prior to working at Solid Ground, Paul was the Director of Implementation for Noncommunicable Disease at Partners In Health (PIH). Paul has worked to build health systems in Rwanda, Kenya, and elsewhere, which includes living 6 years in East Africa. Paul holds appointments at the Division of Global Health Equity at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, where he is an assistant professor. He is also an internal medicine medical officer at Federally Qualified Health Centers in King County, Washington.

Susanna Krey

Susanna Krey, MEd   ·   Sue is a senior vice president at the Sisters of Charity Health System, which includes two Catholic hospitals, two assisted living and skilled nursing facilities, three grantmaking foundations addressing root causes of poverty, and six community outreach organizations. Sue currently serves as the president of the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland, which she was instrumental in developing, along with the Sisters of Charity grantmaking foundations in Canton and South Carolina. In addition to their work on issues like chronic homelessness and infant mortality, the Sisters have also been the driving force behind Cleveland's Promise Neighborhood.

Valerie Lundy-Wagner

Valerie Lundy-Wagner, PhD   ·   Valerie is Assistant Vice Chancellor at California Community Colleges, where she manages the CCC's research agenda design and execution, and has served as a key informant on development of the statewide longitudinal education-to-workforce data system. She holds national expertise in higher education related to STEM student success, re-engaging adults, and the design of cross-sector initiatives seeking to improve educational attainment and mobility. Valerie holds a civil and environmental engineering bachelor’s degree and education graduate degrees from Stanford and the University of Pennsylvania.